Outdoor Kitchen Islands


An Introduction

Stone Age’s Cabinet Component System™ modular masonry outdoor kitchen islands offer the utmost quality, strength, and durability, as well as unparalleled design flexibility for outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas.

Our patented lightweight, glass fiber reinforced concrete panel and galvanized steel bracket system creates infinitely configurable kitchen island layouts that assemble in minutes, yet deliver strength and durability far superior to other construction methods, providing a strong, stable foundation for appliances and kitchen equipment, that may be covered with any masonry-compatible finish.

Kitchen Island installations are greatly simplified, giving faster build times and lower labor cost, with no compromise in strength or quality.

Basic assembly takes minutes, and appliance openings may be cut immediately after the panels are set, using standard masonry saw blades.

Finishing may begin immediately after appliance openings have been made, and appliance installation may start as soon as the finish materials have cured.


Understanding the Concept

Kits consist of 2 ” thick lightweight concrete panels of varying width, that are glued together using landscape block adhesive and galvanized steel brackets that further bond the panels for additional security. Upper brackets assist in easily maintaining a uniform depth and keeping the cabinets square during assembly.



1. Create chalk outline & place brackets, using landscape block adhesive to secure brackets to pad.  Set a continuous bead of adhesive for the first panel.

2. Begin with a wall panel at a corner, securing to the pad, and set the beads of adhesive for the adjoining end panel.

3. Add 1st end panel, securing to wall panel and adding adhesive beads for the bottom and end joint of the next panel.

4. Add next wall panel and upper bracket.

5. Continue placing panels and brackets to complete wall assembly. Set adhesive beads for the top panels.

6. Make cut-outs and apply finish to unit before installing appliances.

7. Drill anchor pilot holes into panels for doors and appliances.

8. Installation Complete.


Stone Age Manufacturing
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